Check Your Internet Speed – Speed Test and Fix It!

Here is a way to check your internet speed for free. With the help of a little software, you can check how fast or slow your internet connection is. It will tell you if you have an ADSL, Cable, or Fiber internet connection. It is super easy and FREE! Have you ever checked your internet speed? Have you ever found out that it is much slower than you expected? Have you ever wondered why? If you’re like me, you’ve probably checked your internet speed before. I always thought it was fine. But then I realized I use less than half of my internet connection speed.

I was shocked. So I checked my internet speed to find out what was wrong. I discovered that I spend more time on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media sites than I should. So I decided to check my internet speed again and discovered that I was wasting time on the internet. There’s no doubt that the internet has changed our world. We live on the go 24/7. We work from home. We shop online. We communicate via email, text, and social media. We buy everything from clothes to cars to real estate. So what happens when you want to get online, but the connection is slow? It seems like the whole thing hangs and chugs along.

How to check your internet speed

Internet speed is crucial for online activities such as gaming, streaming videos, uploading photos, and downloading files.

Internet Speed

Checking your internet speed is easy. Here’s how to do it:

1. Start a download or upload on your browser, and let it finish.

2. Open your web page’s developer console (F12) and type in your IP address.

3. Enter your ISP’s IP address and click “OK.”

4. Click “Speed” to see your internet speed.

5. Compare it with other websites.

That’s it!

How to download speed test apps

I was very skeptical about downloading apps that check my internet speed. I thought that the speed test apps were just a scam. But after testing and researching, I discovered they are completely legit. Several apps can do this. The most popular ones are called SpeedTest and Ookla Speedtest. Both apps have free versions and paid versions. I’ll talk about them in more detail later in this article. You can also use tools such as PingPlotter and Download. These tools let you test your internet speed and upload/download speeds. I suggest checking your internet speed at least once a week. If you find out that your internet speed is slow, I recommend checking out the speed test apps I mentioned.

How to fix your internet speed

Do you have a slow internet connection? Do you find it hard to upload or download large files? Do you find that videos load slowly?

You might need to fix your internet speed if you answered yes to any of these questions. We live in the digital age, where data speeds are crucial to our daily lives. It is important to know how to improve your internet speed. Before we begin, let’s examine the factors affecting your connection speed. Factors that can affect your connection speed. Internet speed can be affected by some factors. These include your router, ISP, the physical distance between you and your ISP, and connection type. If you want to know what affects your connection speed, let’s look at the most common issues that can cause slow internet connections.

How to improve your internet speed

You can check your internet speed by visiting your internet service provider’s website.

If you’re in Australia, check your internet speed here:

In most cases, you can expect to see your internet speed in the range of between 0.5 to 2 Mbps.

I know what you’re thinking: How can you increase your internet speed?

The answer is simple: You can’t.

However, you can increase internet speed if connected to a cable network.

If you’re using Wi-Fi, the only way you can increase your internet speed is to use a high-performance router, which is also called a modem.

The key takeaway is that we don’t control our internet speed.

We only control the bandwidth we use.

I recommend you reduce your usage and only use what you need when needed.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Internet Speed

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 Top Myths about Internet Speed

1. Fixing the Internet connection speed when it works fine is unnecessary.

2. You should never change a computer or modem’s operating system.

3. A computer virus can slow down Internet connection speed.

4. It’s not important to fix your internet speed because you will never be able to make money back what it will cost you.

5. There are no free or inexpensive ways to test your internet speed.


There are a lot of things that affect how fast your internet works. It could be that your router isn’t working properly or that the modem or cable that connects your computer to the internet is not transmitting data quickly enough. Some users have reported that certain web browsers, such as Google Chrome, cause their internet speeds to slow down. The good news is that several tools allow you to check your internet speed and fix some problems.

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