Dayne Beams brutal Facebook review of wedding venue

Ex-AFL star Dayne Beams has divided opinions after his frustrating exchange with a Victorian wedding venue went public. Beams, 31, attempted to organize a 30th birthday party for his wife, Kelly, at the Olinda Yarra Estate when he clashed with the venue’s owner. The Herald-Sun posted a series of screenshots showing the text message conversation the former Magpies and Lions star had with estate owner Shelley Hughes. Beams says he was attempting to clarify the venue’s price guide when Hughes abruptly told him she was no longer interested in his booking because she felt he was trying to haggle and not transparent on how many guests would attend.

The 2010 premiership player responded with a series of messages expressing his disappointment at being unable to secure the venue and appeared to attempt to sway Hughes by mentioning his footy credentials and 100,000-strong social media following. When Hughes opted to move on, Beams posted the following review on Olinda Yarra Estate’s Facebook page. “Shelley, unfortunately, is extremely rude and unprofessional,” Beams wrote. “I was trying to book my wife’s 30th birthday; logistically, the numbers required weren’t adding up, so naturally, I was asking a few questions so I could get an exact idea of who we could and couldn’t invite and two, let everyone know how much it was going to be pp (per person).


“I received an appalling message back from Shelley, calling me a time waster and saying they run a huge business and she doesn’t have time for people like me. “I was shocked, to say the least; this was an inferior way to treat someone. I think Shelley should be ashamed because my mental health and confidence around organizing this have taken a hit because of it. “I will be recommending to everyone through my social media platforms and word of mouth to stay clear of Elina (sic) estate and Shelley. Disappointing.”

Hughes then contacted Beams, telling him she would ring the “rumor file” on Melbourne radio station 3AW to detail the situation. Beams told her to go “for your life”. “After being difficult to deal with from the start, I recently told an ex-AFL player I would not be able to assist him at my wedding event venue,” she told Ross and Russel on 3AW Breakfast. “He sent a barrage of texts, negative online reviews, and threatened me with his substantial online and media presence.” The dispute divided users on Facebook, who posted a mixed reaction to Beams’ review.

“You preach about mental health and then shame this woman and business while playing the whole ‘Don’t you know who I am card’ and setting this business and woman up for continual trolling,” one replied. “Doesn’t make any sense. And it doesn’t make you look good either.” “Reading the texts here, to be fair, the venue has been pretty abrupt,” added another. “For those not in the hospo world, navigating planning a function can be incredibly daunting if you haven’t done it before. Sometimes, we in the hospo industry can forget that.”

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